14 April 2010

download : Political Economy of Modern Capitalism: Mapping Convergence and Diversity

Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd
ISBN 0761956522
212 pages
15.9 MB

Modern capitalism, from neo-liberalism to deregulation, has come to dominate national and international political economy. This major book by Colin Crouch in 212 pages tries to addresses this convergence and provides a comprehensive overview of the implications for future capitalist diversity. Leading international contributors consider important questions like: + Is the preference for free markets a well-founded response to intensified global competition? + Does this mean that all advanced societies must converge on an imitation of the United States? + What are the implications for the institutional diversity of the advanced economies? + How do we now evaluate the systems and institutions in East Asia? Political Economy and Modern Capitalism provides a practical and wide-ranging analysis of the public policy choices facing governments and business around the world. It will be invaluable reading for students and researchers of political economy, comparative politics, political science, political sociology, public policy, and administration.

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  1. We are an nonprofit representing the Azerbaijani-American community, and are trying to do research on health care, taxation and social security issues. Basically, through our research, we are overwhelmed with tons of information, and in order to be able to clearly and concisely formulate the choices to our members, we would be very interested in seeing some one-pagers outlining the pro's and con's on these topics. It would be also interesting to see what are other similar nonprofits thinking and doing. Being a grassroots organization, with a diverse membership, we need to be able to "keep it short" and easy to understand for busy people who don't particularly like or enjoy politics. If you have some tips, pointers and such information, could you please email it to me directly , or via our website


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