29 January 2011

The Most popular ebooks on Ebook Shelves

These are the most popular e-books on Ebook Shelves . We select these books from more than 100 books on Ebook Shelves .

SPSS for Dummies

Categories for Software Engineering

Nokia E72 Schematic

The Girl With a secret

Numerical Modeling in Materials Science and Engineering

Afro-Bets Book of Colors

Just Us Books | November 2000 | ISBN-10: 0940975572 | 24 pages | PDF | 1.1 MB

Afro-Bets Book of Colors: Meet the Color Family
Margery W. Brown (Author),Howard Simpson (Illustrator)

21 January 2011

download : manual service level 1 & 2 for Nokia 1110i

manual service level 1 & 2 for Nokia 1110i

Purpose of this document is to help you in carrying out service to Nokia products !

download: Schematic for Nokia 1100 - 2300

RH-18/36/38 Schematic Diagrams

If you want to service Nokia cell phone you need to have these schematic !

Here download schematic for Nokia 1100-2300

17 January 2011

download: Data Mining with Computational Intelligence

Finding information hidden in data is as theoretically difficult as it is practically important. With the objective of discovering unknown patterns from data, the methodologies of data mining were derived from statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, and are being used successfully in application areas such as bioinformatics, banking, retail, and many others. Wang and Fu present in detail the state of the art on how to utilize fuzzy neural networks, multilayer perceptron neural networks, radial basis function neural networks, genetic algorithms, and support vector machines in such applications. They focus on three main data mining tasks: data dimensionality reduction, classification, and rule extraction. The book is targeted at researchers in both academia and industry, while graduate students and developers of data mining systems will also profit from the detailed algorithmic descriptions.

07 January 2011

download: Introduction to C++ Programming and Graphics

Publisher: Springer 2007

372 Pages
ISBN: 0387689923
3 MB

C++ has grown rapidly in response to the practical need for a programming language that is able to efficiently handle composite and diverse data types. Today, C++ dominates the commercial market and is favored among application developers. Introduction to C++ Programming and Graphics offers a venue for rapidly learning the language by concisely revealing its grammar, syntax and main features, and by explaining the key ideas behind object oriented programming (OOP), with emphasis on scientific computing. The book reviews elemental concepts of computers and computing, describes the primary features of C++, illustrates the use of pointers and user-defined functions, and analyzes the construction of classes. Distinctive features include: An effective selection and presentation of topics and supporting examples A tutorial on the usage of MATLAB® functions in C++ code Tables for translating MATLAB® and Fortran 77 into C++ code, illustrating syntactic differences between these languages Chapters on graphics and GUI programming based on the VOGLE library and the GLUT, GLUI and GTK+ utility toolboxes This invaluable resource provides a basic, concise introduction to C++ for the novice, allowing the reader to easily grasp the necessary concepts, rather than trying to absorb an extensive reference book. Scientists, engineers, professionals and students familiar with the general principles of computer programming and proficient in an easy programming language will find this volume an ideal entry point into C++.

download: Digital Signal Processing: System Analysis and Design

This new, fully-revised edition covers all the major topics of digital signal processing (DSP) design and analysis in a single, all-inclusive volume, interweaving theory with real-world examples and design trade-offs. Building on the success of the original, this edition includes new material on random signal processing, a new chapter on spectral estimation, greatly expanded coverage of filter banks and wavelets, and new material on the solution of difference equations. Additional steps in mathematical derivations make them easier to follow, and an important new feature is the do-it-yourself section at the end of each chapter, where readers get hands-on experience of solving practical signal processing problems in a range of MATLAB experiments. With 120 worked examples, 20 case studies, and almost 400 homework exercises, the book is essential reading for anyone taking DSP courses. Its unique blend of theory and real-world practical examples also makes it an ideal reference for practitioners.

05 January 2011

download :Critical Care Study Guide: Text and Review

Gerard J. Criner, Rodger E. Barnette, Gilbert E. D'Alonzo - Critical Care Study Guide: Text and Review, 2nd Edition

The second edition of this best-selling study guide and text covers all aspects of critical care medicine. Written by a diverse group of physicians and health care personnel, it is of interest to all professionals who care for the ICU patient. The unique format includes key points highlighted in the margins for quick reference and self-assessment questions and answers at the end of each chapter. The text is supported by case studies, tables, and numerous illustrations that detail key procedures. The new edition has been revised substantially to reflect the most current research and guidelines, and new chapters have been added to make this the most practical and comprehensive study guide and text available today.

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