25 November 2010

Handbook of Computability Theory (Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics)

Publisher: North Holland

ISBN: 0444898824
edition 1999
710 pages
24,2 mb

The chapters of this volume all have their own level of presentation. The topics have been chosen based on the active research interest associated with them. Since the interest in some topics is older than that in others, some presentations contain fundamental definitions and basic results while others relate very little of the elementary theory behind them and aim directly toward an exposition of advanced results. Presentations of the latter sort are in some cases restricted to a short survey of recent results (due to the complexity of the methods and proofs themselves). Hence the variation in level of presentation from chapter to chapter only reflects the conceptual situation itself.

12 November 2010

Download: Numerical Modeling in Materials Science and Engineering

540 pages

18,6 MB

This book introduces the concepts and methodologies related to the modelling of the complex phenomena occurring in materials processing. After a short reminder of conservation laws and constitutive relationships, the authors introduce the main numerical methods: finite differences, finite volumes and finite elements. These techniques are developed in three main chapters of the book that tackle more specific problems: phase transformation, solid mechanics and fluid flow. The two last chapters treat inverse methods to obtain the boundary conditions or the material properties and stochastic methods for microstructural simulation. This book is intended for undergraduate and graduate students in materials science and engineering, mechanical engineering and physics and for engineering professionals or researchers who want to get acquainted with numerical simulation to model and compute materials processing.

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10 November 2010

download: Tensile Fracturing in Rocks


ISBN: 3540214569
570 pages
20,3 MB

Understanding tensile fracture in rocks provides an important key for the interpretation of many problems in structural geology. This book presents a multidisciplinary approach to tensile fracture in rocks (faulting is briefly addressed), starting with an introduction to fracture physics and progressing through tectonofractographic features, characterized both in experimental settings and in geological outcrops. Four examples of sedimentary rocks and two of granites have been chosen to demonstrate the principles and problems in fracture geology. Principles of fracture mechanics and rock mechanics are applied throughout the book, which also explores current understanding about electromagnetic radiation induced by fractures and how such radiation can be used to monitor and predict earthquakes and hazardous collapses in mines. The monograph serves not only as a manual on how to handle specific problems and their solutions in fractual geology but also as a starting point for researchers and graduate students interested in the field of rock fracturing.

04 November 2010

download: Executive Strategy: Strategic Management and Information Technology

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN 047138402X
544 pages
1.9 MB

A modern theory of executive strategy for the information ageThe information revolution has radically transformed virtually every aspect of business today. Yet, no book has fully addressed its impact on strategic management-until now. In Executive Strategy: Strategic Management and Information Technology, Frederick Betz builds on his pioneering work concerning the management of technical innovation to explore the powerful relationship between traditional strategic management and today's computer and communications technologies.By adapting established strategy-related concepts and processes to the strategic management challenges faced by companies in the information age, this book offers readers the background they need to guide processes ranging from the creation of strategic business models and the development of comprehensive planning scenarios to the strategic management of business diversi?cation and the formulation of information strategy.Concepts are developed with a survey of the older business literature on strategy and the newer information strategy literature, and illustrated by a wealth of new technology and e-commerce-related case studies. From the Internet and e-commerce to the role of computer-aided tools such as inventory control and project management software, the world of information technology is ?lled with innovations that have crucial rami?cations for the strategic management of every business. This book equips present and future engineering and business professionals with the road map they need to help steer the modern organization skillfully through the twists and turns of this new and exciting business landscape.

03 November 2010

download: Clustering Windows Server: A Road Map for Enterprise Solutions

Publisher: Digital Press 2001

352 Pages
ISBN: 1555582532
3 MB

An IT decision-maker's road map to creating scalable and reliable Windows 2000 clustered systems.Clustering Windows 2000 explains what a cluster is and what it is not. It explains the concepts and technology from the perspective of Microsoft's Windows family of operating systems.

Mauler and Beebe thoroughly explore the critical interaction and integration of state-of-the-art computer hardware with these operating systems and also with third-party layered solutions. However, more than teaching technology, the book provides a unique framework by which readers can evaluate their organizations' own clustering needs. The new Cluster Configuration MatrixC presented here allows them to determine the utility of the many clustering products and solutions given their companies' specific requirements for high availability. Clustering Windows 2000 enables IT professionals to create a highly effective clustering strategy that can grow with their organizations' needs and accommodate ongoing developments in clustering technology.

This unique book is for everyone from system designers to IT managers who want a solid understanding of the optimal products and technologies they can use in creating "clusters" of computers to support truly enterprise-caliber programs.Demystifies Windows clustering from both a hardware and software viewpointDefines clustering terminology and concepts from a vendor-neutral perspectiveProvides a matrix for evaluating the multitude of cluster technology offerings.

02 November 2010

Download: DotNetNuke For Dummies

For Dummies; 1 edition

April 30, 2007
ISBN-10: 0471798436
408 pages

# Paperback: 408 pages

# Publisher: For Dummies; 1 edition (April 30, 2007)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0471798436
# ISBN-13: 978-0471798439

Get up to speed on DotNetNuke 4.4

Get down to business and create a site your customers can use

Power to the people who aren't programmers! That's what DotNetNuke is all about, and this book gets you plugged in. You'll find out how you can create and manage a flexible, versatile Web site with all the advantages an open-source application offers, use the convenient modules, build a community, and save some cash in the process.

* Install DotNetNuke
* Control access by using roles
* Use modules and skins
* Enable users to add content
* Take advantage of open-source support
* Monitor your site's statistics

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download: Indirect Sampling (Springer Series in Statistics)


ISBN: 0387707786
256 pages
10,3 MB

"The author of the book wrote a doctoral thesis on indirect sampling, and this book evolved around his doctoral work. He adopts the classical design-based point of view: inferences are principally made with respect to the sampling plan. In general, the book is written with care and it represents a welcome contribution to the survey literature. … It is likely that the audience of the book will be mainly composed of survey statisticians, researchers in sampling theory and graduate students."

01 November 2010

download: Tips for IELTS - Sam McCarter

Read This post before taking IELTS Exam ...

Tips for IELTS is packed with all the information you need for the IELTS exam. It contains a test-by-test analysis of how to:

- tackle specific types of questions
- increase speed and accuracy
- avoid common mistakes
- use appropriate language to maximize your score
- monitor your own progress
- prepare for the exam

Carry it with you. Learn how to revise. Test yourself and your classmates. Consolidate your knowledge. Increase your IELTS score.

A must-have for all exam candidates and teachers.

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