13 April 2010

download : Economics: Principles and Applications, 2 Edition

Thomson South-Western

ISBN: 0324151810
336 pages
11,3 MB

Which of them is more important, Theory or Application ! Do think that Theory is output of application or Application is output of theory ?
Read this book to understand about theory and application of Economics !

This is a no-nonsense principles book that emphasizes economic theory and applications. The book is a study tool for students and the pedagogical approach and in-text features were chosen to reinforce that theme. It provides students with a picture of economics as a unified discipline, a set of interrelated tools and ideas that can be used to look at the world in a different way, and the less-is-more approach has been carefully crafted in both content and supporting pedagogy to keep students focused on learning and applying the central ideas used in economic analysis. It teaches students how to use analytical processes in developing their own economic analysis skills. Hall/Lieberman's careful focus on core theoretical ideas, as well as their systematic application of theoretical tools to timely real-world questions, conveys the message that economics is an integrated, powerful body of knowledge that can be used to address domestic and global issues.

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