30 March 2010

download : Authors in the Kitchen: Recipes, Stories, and More

Step into the kitchen and stir up a batch of storybook treats with 50 literary recipes based on the books and lives of 50 of your favorite children's authors and illustrators, including Eric Carle, Mary Casanova, Keiko Kasza, Steven Kellogg, Yuyi Morales, Janet Stevens, and Jane Yolen and 40 others. Whip up a heavenly coconut cream cake enjoyed in Jacqueline Briggs Martin's recent story, On Sand Island; savor the spicy pumpkin pie inspired by Toni Buzzeo's Sea Chest. You'll also learn some fascinating facts about each author and read anecdotes and stories connected with the recipes. Biographical details, author photographs, book lists, and reading connections make this a perfect resource for library, classroom, and home. A great gift for booklovers. What a delicious way to learn about authors and their books!

Story & amp; Recipes ! Download free.

24 March 2010

download : Star of India: The Spicy Adventures of Curry

Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0470091878
edition 2004
296 pages
13,2 mb
How did the curry get here and how did the Brits, a nation famed for a love of bland food, end up with Chicken Tikka Masala as their favourite dish? It is a history that took curry, via the British Empire, from its Eastern origins, around the globe. This book talks to the men and women who gambled everything to make a living, who endured indifference and racism to secure an income and those who got their relatives to pack the cardamom when they visited as there was no other way of obtaining the ingredients. This book looks at how the British love affair with curry has changed lives, not just in Britain but around the globe.
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23 March 2010

download : American A to Z Mythology

The beliefs of many Native American peoples emphasize a close relationship between people and the natural world, including geographical features such as mountains and lakes, and animals such as whales and bison. Therefore, many of the myths of these peoples are stories of strange occurrences where animals or forces of nature and people interact. These stories are full of vitality and have captured the attention of young people, in many cases, for centuries. Native American Mythology A to Z presents detailed coverage of the deities, legendary heroes and heroines, important animals, objects, and places that make up the mythic lore of the many peoples of North America from northern Mexico into the Arctic Circle. A comprehensive reference written for young people and illustrated throughout, this volume brings to life many Native American myths, traditions, and beliefs. Offering an in-depth look at various aspects of Native American myths that are often left unexplained in other books on the subject, this book is a valuable tool for anyone interested in learning more about various Native American cultures.
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22 March 2010

download : Analog circuits cookbook

Analog Circuits Cookbook
Publisher: Newnes
ISBN: 0750642343
edition 1999
353 pages
11,9 mb

Analog Circuits Cookbook is a collection of tried and tested recipes form the masterchef of analog and RF design. Based on articles from Electronics World, this book provides a diet of high quality design techniques and applications, and proven ciruit designs, all concerned with the analog, RF and interface fields of electronics. Ian Hickman uses illustrations and examples rather than tough mathematical theory to present a wealth of ideas and tips based on his own workbench experience.This second edition includes 10 of Hickman’s latest articles, alongside 20 of his most popular classics. The new material includes articles on power supplies, filters using negative resistance, phase noise and video surveillance systems.Essential reading for all circuit design professionals and advanced hobbyistsContains 10 of Ian Hickman’s latest articles, alongside 20 of his most popular.

21 March 2010

download : The History of Indonesia (The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations)

The History of Indonesia (The Greenwood Histories of the Modern Nations)
ISBN: 0313331146
232 pages
13,6 MB
Know more abour indoneisia's culture & history !

Culturally and politically, Indonesia is one of the more complex countries in the world, with 336 ethnic groups speaking 583 languages and dialects. It is only recently that these people have been contained within one political framework. Throughout most of history, Indonesia's inhabitants were divided politically in many different ways as a bewildering array of kingdoms and empires rose and fell within the region. Since independence in 1945, one of the challenges Indonesia faces is constructing a unified national identity. Through six chapters, Drakeley discusses Indonesian history beginning with settlement and social development in 5,000 BCE, through the Colonial Era, the Independence Movement, the Sukarno Era, and the Soeharto Era, to the 2004 elections.

download : Fundamentals of Healthcare Finance

Nowadays finance is not only for Banks and shops & Everybody are involved in financial issues. This Book talks about finances for HealthCare firms.

Ideal for those new to healthcare finance, this book begins with an overview of the role of finance in healthcare organizations and an uncomplicated explanation of the legal and reimbursement issues faced by providers. The rest of the chapters walk you through the basics of managerial accounting and financial management, including estimating costs and profits, planning and budgeting, making capital investment decisions, monitoring operations with metrics, and reading financial statements. Learning tools and online resources To assist the learning process, the book includes critical concepts, real-world scenarios, self-test questions, industry practices, and a running glossary. A companion website includes four additional chapters that cover financial markets and securities; lease financing and business valuation; distributions to owners; and capitation, rate setting, and risk sharing. Appendixes of financial and operational ratios and their definitions are also available online.

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Advertising Slogans

Advertising slogans are short, often memorable phrases used in advertising campaigns. They are claimed to be the most effective means of drawing attention to one or more aspects of a product. ( from Wikipedia ).

Yes, Advertising Slogans are short but important phrases. An effective slogan usually:
states the main benefits of the product or brand for the potential user or buyer

implies a distinction be between it and other firms' products - of course, within the usual legal constraints

makes a simple, direct, concise, crisp, and apt statement

is often witty

adopts a distinct "personality" of its own

gives a credible impression of a brand or product

makes the consumer feel "good"

makes the consumer feel a desire or need

is hard to forget - it adheres to one's memory (whether one likes it or not), especially if it is accompanied by mnemonic devices, such as jingles, ditties, pictures or film.
You can see a complete list companies advertising slogans in this post.
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18 March 2010

download : Hospitality Strategic Management Concepts and Cases

Hospitality Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases (Second Edition)

By Cathy A. Enz

* Publisher: Wiley

* Number Of Pages: 676
* Publication Date: 2009-04-06
* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 047008359X
* ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780470083598

Useful and comprehensive executive-level coverage of strategic management

Hospitality Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases offers a complete, comprehensive, and managerially useful treatment of strategic management in the hospitality industry. This up-to-date resource provides the most relevant models, theories, and hospitality practices for those interested in managing effectively in today’s competitive international hospitality industry.

Hospitality Strategic Management provides a realistic, balanced, and current view of the field by considering the practical aspects of the strategic manager’s role, including the acquisition, development, and management of internal resources (such as people, knowledge, financial capital, and physical assets) and relationships with external stakeholders (such as guests, suppliers, owners, franchisors, venture partners, and governmental agencies). Throughout the book, examples and best practices of leading hospitality organizations are used to illustrate ideas and concepts.

Hospitality Strategic Management:

* Integrates global strategic management theory throughout the text

* Addresses strategic thinking as an essential, creative aspect of the strategy process

* Covers aspects of starting a business, including what a business plan contains, franchising, and entrepreneurship within existing organizations

* Pulls the implementation process together with a careful treatment of organizational design and control

Reflecting the dynamic environment found in the real world, Hospitality Strategic Management explains principles and theories with extensive use of examples from various segments of the industry, including lodging, gaming, cruise lines, airlines, and food service.

Complete with free access to case examples online from the Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University, Hospitality Strategic Management is an invaluable learning tool for industry executives and managers in executive-level training courses and for students.

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download : International Business History: A Contextual and Case Approach

International Business History: A Contextual and Case Approach

This text presents for the first time the history of international business, using both a case and contextual approach. Case studies from around the world are analyzed in both their internal and external contexts. Divided into five geographical sections--Europe, North America, Central America/South America/the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia/Western Pacific--the text features case studies of particular businesses of various periods, as well as essays on international business and economic integration in the particular regions. Introductions to each section define main themes and relate the case studies to those themes; commentaries introduce each case study and summarize key issues.

International Business History: A Contextual and Case Approach

* Publisher: Praeger

* Number Of Pages: 304

* Publication Date: 1994-04-30

* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0275944131

* ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780275944131

D. P. M. McCarthy has written a fabulous book! McCarthy's exhaustive research, keen insight and recreational writing style have made history with this text. "International Business History" is revolutionary in its views of the company's role in this brave new world.

17 March 2010

download : Linear Algebra

Yo can download this ebook of Algebra & Polynomials for free !

Publisher: Birkhäuser Boston

pages: 390
ISBN: 0817642943
22,8 mb

This second edition includes substantial revisions, new material on minimal polynomials and diagonalization, as well as a variety of new applications. The text will serve theoretical and applied courses and is ideal for self-study. With its important approach to linear algebra as a coherent part of mathematics and as a vital component of the natural and social sciences, Linear Algebra, Second Edition will challenge and benefit a broad audience.

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14 March 2010

download : Superconductivity, Superfluids, and Condensates

This ebook is yours, if you are studying physics or physics is your favourite science ! This ebook will give you appropriate knowledge about conductivity.

Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0198507569
200 pages
1,1 MB

Superconductivity, provides a basic introduction to one of the most innovative areas in condensed matter physics today. This book includes ample tutorial material, including illustrations, chapter summaries, graded problem sets, and concise examples. This book is part of the Oxford Master Series in Condensed Matter Physics.

11 March 2010

download : Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos: With Applications To Physics

Nonlinear Dynamics And Chaos: With Applications To Physics, Biology, Chemistry, And Engineering (Studies in nonlinearity) By Steven H. Strogatz

I'm sure that nonlinear problems are not simple ones ! But if you are a student in engineering or math, you have to learn them ! and this ebook will help you in this way.

An introductory text in nonlinear dynamics and chaos, emphasizing applications in several areas of science, which include vibrations, biological rhythms, insect outbreaks, and genetic control systems. Contains a rich selection of illustrations, with many exercises and examples.

08 March 2010

downlaod : Painless Spelling Barron's Educational Series

You can have a good spelling after reading this Book !

Barron's Educational Series

255 pages
Sep 1998
ISBN 0764105671
2 MB

If you think that spelling correctly in English is a tricky business, you’re absolutely right. But you still can learn how to do it—and enjoy yourself while learning! Here’s the book that makes learning correct spelling entirely painless. Ten easy-to-read chapters start with an interesting history of the English language, then go on to analyze sound and letter patterns, diphthongs, silent letters, homophones and homographs, compound and abbreviated words, contractions, prefixes, suffixes and to base words, and lots more. When you reach the final chapter, you’ll discover to your delight that your spelling skills have increased many times over—while your grades have gone up accordingly. Just as important, you’ll discover that you’ve had fun learning!

07 March 2010

download : PC Games Tipps & Tricks 01/2010

If you are a gamer ! Then this post will be your favourite, because you can download PC Games Tipps & Tricks for free from rapidshare !

 This ebook will help you in passing hard levels in PC games ! Don't worry it's free to download !

To Download this ebook :

05 March 2010

download : A History of Mathematics: An Introduction

Addison Wesley

ISBN: 0321016181
880 pages
74 MB
This is a DJVU Ebook !
Provides a world view of mathematics, balancing ancient, early modern and modern history. Problems are taken from their original sources, enabling students to understand how mathematicians in various times and places solved mathematical problems. In this new edition a more global perspective is taken, integrating more non-Western coverage including contributions from Chinese/Indian, and Islamic mathematics and mathematicians. An additional chapter covers mathematical techniques from other cultures. *Up to date, uses the results of very recent scholarship in the history of mathematics. *Provides summaries of the arguments of all important ideas in the field.
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03 March 2010

downlaod : Strategy-Driven Talent Management: A Leadership Imperative

Sometimes, Managing talents in a organization is the most important job of Human Resource managers.But how we can manage talents and talented people is what you can find in this ebook !

Publisher: Pfeiffer 2009-11-23

928 Pages
ISBN: 0787988472
3.3 MB

Professionals are searching for an integrated approach to building and sustaining leadership talent. This volume in the SIOP Professional Practice series provides an up–to–date perspective on current talent management practices in business organizations. Bringing together a collection of thought leaders and managers from noted organizations, this book presents state–of–the–art ideas, best practices, and guidance on how to recruit, select, assimilate, develop, compensate, and retain exceptional leaders. It contains the knowledge, research, and experience in developing and implementing those practices and initiatives, and provides an effective resource for I/O psychologists and Human Resource professionals.

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01 March 2010

A review of Blog activities in February 2010 !

We had started Ebook-Shelves in February, however we registered the blog so long before this time, but our first post in blog was in this month.

The subject of each post is name of a book !

 Is not bad to take a look at our posts in Feb :

Exploring Employee Relations, Second Edition: An International Approach


Environmental Engineering: Designing a Sustainable Future 

British Short Fiction in the Early Nineteenth Century

Categories for Software Engineering

Essential Programs to download and read Ebooks !

Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, Volume 2

Hair and scalp disorders

Introduction to Natural and Man-made Disasters and their Effects on Buildings

Judy Blume

Nokia E72 Schematics & Service Manuals

12 volumes of britannica discovery library

SQL All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Smart Women Protect Their Assets

The Blind Assassin: A Novel

Download Basic Photography, 7 Edition ebook

Are you one of thousands people who likes to learn photography ! Don;t hesitate, this ebook is your best option.

Focal Press

ISBN: 0240515927
368 pages
18,5 MB

Most of readers love this book and found it useful ! it can be useful for you, too !

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