15 April 2010

download : Davis's Basic Math Review for Nurses with Step-by-Step Solutions

Davis's Basic Math Review for Nurses with Step-by-Step Solutions

Publisher: F A Davis Co
Number Of Pages: 361
This Step by Step solutions for nurses can be really usefull to solve math problems !
This title offers a path to conquering the math skills essential for nursing success...and reducing the anxieties math often induces! Step by step, skill by skill...students progress from simple to complex calculations, building their proficiencies and testing it along the way. It's perfect for course review and quick reference. Each chapter begins with a pretest to determine the mastery level of the skills presented in that chapter. For each chapter, there are explanations with concrete examples, followed by practice problems. For every problem, step-by-step solutions help students see where their mistakes occurred and how to correct them. Four comprehensive tests assess mastery of basic math skills and math related to nursing-specific applications. A chapter test concludes each section. Test-taking tips help students learn how to apply their math knowledge better and reduce test-taking anxiety. A special color highlights the key terms in each skill section and explains how to work through problems. Bonus! A quick-reference, two-color, laminated bookmark features the rules for rounding, changing decimals to percents and percents to decimals, ratios, and other important calculations.

Table of Content
Sequential Math Skills Method
How to Use this Book
Tips for Taking Math Tests
I. Basic Math Skills
Whole Numbers
Decimal Numbers
Percents, Ratios, and Proportions
Positive and Negative Numbers
II. Cumulative Practice Tests for Basic Math Skills
Practice test 1: Cumulative Skills Test
Practice test 2: Combined Skills Test
III. Measures Used in Nursing Applications
Household Measures
The Metric System
IV. Practice Tests for Basic Math Skills
Practice test 1: Basic Unit Conversions for Household and Metric Measures
Practice test 2: Performing Household and Metric Conversions
Step-by-Step Solutions
Appendix A: Roman Numerals
Appendix B: Temperature Conversions Index
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