15 December 2012

False Friends in Business English

Stephanie Shellabear, "False Friends in Business English"

Different types of false friends

17 November 2012

A businessman write for business owners

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31 October 2012

14 Principles of Management

According to Henry Fayol management has 14 principles. Henry Fayol listed the 14 principles of management as follows:
  1. Specialization of labor. Specializing encourages continuous improvement in skills and the development of improvements in methods.
  2. Authority. The right to give orders and the power to exact obedience.
  3. Discipline. No slacking, bending of rules.
  4. Unity of command. Each employee has one and only one boss.
  5. Unity of direction. A single mind generates a single plan and all play their part in that plan.
  6. Subordination of Individual Interests. When at work, only work things should be pursued or thought about.
  7. Remuneration. Employees receive fair payment for services, not what the company can get away with.
  8. Centralization. Consolidation of management functions. Decisions are made from the top.
  9. Scalar Chain (line of authority). Formal chain of command running from top to bottom of the organization, like military
  10. Order. All materials and personnel have a prescribed place, and they must remain there.
  11. Equity. Equality of treatment (but not necessarily identical treatment)
  12. Personnel Tenure. Limited turnover of personnel. Lifetime employment for good workers.
  13. Initiative. Thinking out a plan and do what it takes to make it happen.
  14. Esprit de corps. Harmony, cohesion among personnel.
Out of the 14, the most important elements are specialization, unity of command, scalar chain, and, coordination by managers (an amalgam of authority and unity of direction).
Henry Fayol synthesised 14 principles for organisational design and effective administration. It is worthwhile reflecting on these are comparing the conclusions to contemporary utterances by Peters, Kanter and Handy to name but three management gurus. Fayol's 14 principles are:

1. Specialisation/division of labour

A principle of work allocation and specialisation in order to concentrate activities to enable specialisation of skills and understandings, more work focus and efficiency.

2. Authority with corresponding responsibility

If responsibilities are allocated then the post holder needs the requisite authority to carry these out including the right to require others in the area of responsibility to undertake duties. Authority stems from:

  • that ascribed from the delegation process (the job holder is assigned to act as the agent of the high authority to whom they report - hierarchy)
  • allocation and permission to use the necessary resources needed (budgets, assets, staff) to carry out the responsibilities.
  • selection - the person has the expertise to carry out the responsibilities and the personal qualities to win the support and confidence of others.
The R = A correspondence is important to understand. R = A enables accountability in the delegation process. Who do we cope with situations where R > A? Are there work situations where our R< A?
"judgement demands high moral character, therefore, a good leader should possess and infuse into those around him courage to accept responsibility. The best safeguard against abuse of authority and weakness on the part of a higher manager is personal integrity and particularly high moral character of such a manager ..... this integrity, is conferred neither by election nor ownership. " 1916
A manager should never be given authority without responsibility--and also should never be given responsibility without the associated authority to get the work done.

3. Discipline

The generalisation about discipline is that discipline is essential for the smooth running of a business and without it - standards, consistency of action, adherence to rules and values - no enterprise could prosper.

"in an essence - obedience, application, energy, behaviour and outward marks of respect observed in accordance with standing agreements between firms and its employees " 1916

4. Unity of Command

The idea is that an employee should receive instructions from one superior only. This generalisation still holds - even where we are involved with team and matrix structures which involve reporting to more than one boss - or being accountable to several clients. The basic concern is that tensions and dilemmas arise where we report to two or more bosses. One boss may want X, the other Y and the subordinate is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

5. Unity of Direction

The unity of command idea of having one head (chief executive, cabinet consensus) with agree purposes and objectives and one plan for a group of activities) is clear.

6. Subordination of individual interest to the general interest

Fayol's line was that one employee's interests or those of one group should not prevail over the organisation as a whole. This would spark a lively debate about who decides that the interests of the organisation as a whole are. Ethical dilemmas and matters of corporate risk and the behaviour of individual "chancers" are involved here. Fayol's work - assumes a shared set of values by people in the organisation - a unitarism where the reasons for organisational activities and decisions are in some way neutral and reasonable.

7. Remuneration of staff

The general principle is that levels of compensation should be "fair" and as far as possible afford satisfaction both to the staff and the firm (in terms of its cost structures and desire for profitability/surplus).

8. Centralisation

Centralisation for HF is essential to the organisation and a natural consequence of organising. This issue does not go away even where flatter, devolved organisations occur. Decentralisation - is frequently centralisaed-decentralisation !!! The modes of control over the actions and results of devolved organisations are still matters requiring considerable attention.

9. Scalar chain/line of authority

The scalar chain of command of reporting relationships from top executive to the ordinary shop operative or driver needs to be sensible, clear and understood.

10. Order

The level of generalisation becomes difficult with this principle. Basically an organisation "should" provide an orderly place for each individual member - who needs to see how their role fits into the organisation and be confident, able to predict the organisations behaviour towards them. Thus policies, rules, instructions and actions should be understandable and understood. Orderliness implies steady evolutionary movement rather than wild, anxiety provoking, unpredictable movement.

11. Equity

Equity, fairness and a sense of justice "should"pervade the organisation - in principle and practice.

12. Stability of tenure

Time is needed for the employee to adapt to his/her work and perform it effectively. Stability of tenure promotes loyalty to the organisation, its purposes and values.

13. Initiative

At all levels of the organisational structure, zeal, enthusiasm and energy are enabled by people having the scope for personal initiative. (Note: Tom Peters recommendations in respect of employee empowerment)

14. Esprit de Corps

Here, Fayol emphasises the need for building and maintaining of harmony among the work force , team work and sound interpersonal relationships.
In the same way that Alfred P Sloan, the executive head of General Motors reorganised the company into semi-autonomous divisions in the 1920s, corporations undergoing reorganisation still apply "classical organisation" principles - very much in line with Fayol's recommendations.

Essentials of Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine

English | 7 edition (October 2, 2002) | ISBN: 0443071063 | Pages: 385 | PDF | 91.38 MB

This textbook of oral medicine and oral pathology is ideal for dental students and postgraduates taking further dental exams. Updated coverage includes the lates information on AIDS, molecular biology, alleged mercury hazards, tumours, and management. This new 7th edition has full-color illustrations throughout and a new page design, making the book more accessible and user-friendly. Conveniently offers concise coverage of both oral pathology and oral medicine in a single volume.

31 August 2012

HTML, XHTML, and CSS: Comprehensive, 6th Edition

Part of the highly successful Shelly Cashman series, this text provides a comprehensive introduction to HTML and leads the user through a clear, step-by-step, screen-by-screen approach to learning. Readers learn how to create a Web page using HTML, format the page, add graphics, and more.

eBook Details
Author: Gary B. Shelly
Pages: 744 pages
Edition: 6
Publication Date: 2010-08-02
Publisher: Course Technology
Language: English
ISBN-10/ASIN: 0538747544
ISBN-13/EAN: 9780538747547

21 August 2012

What Can You Do with Money?: Earning, Spending, and Saving

    Author: Jennifer S. Larson
    Pages: 32 pages
    Edition: 1
    Publication Date: 2010-02-01
    Publisher: Lerner Publications
    Language: English
    ISBN-10/ASIN: 0761339108
    ISBN-13/EAN: 9780761339106
Do you get an allowance? Or have you ever been paid for doing chores, such as walking a neighbor’s dog or raking leaves? If so, you’ve earned money! Everyone has to decide what they will do with the money they earn. Will they spend it on things they want and need? Or will they save it? How can you decide what to do with your money? Read this book to find out.

11 August 2012

BBC Good Food Middle East

English | True PDF | 108 pages | 9 MB

The best coolers in hot summer from BBC Good Food.

28 July 2012

Architectural Drafting and Design

ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING AND DESIGN, 6E is an ideal book for all architectural drafters and CAD operators, whether beginning, intermediate, or advanced. An important feature of this best-seller is its step-by-step instructions for the design and layout of each type of drawing associated with a complete set of architectural plans, with projects that can be completed using either CAD or manual drawing methods. The basics of residential design, commercial drafting, basic materials used for construction, common construction methods, and drawings typically associated with commercial construction are all covered in this comprehensive book, which is written to meet the most recent editions of IRC and IBC. Readers will be introduced to the various types of projects that a designer or architect is likely to complete during the actual design process and will gain the knowledge needed to complete the drawings required by most municipalities to obtain a building permit for a single-family residence.

27 July 2012

Interweave Knits - Fall 2012

English | PDF | 148 pages | 64.1Mb

Be inspired to practice new techniques with the Fall 2012 issue ofInterweave Knits. From stylish openwork for cooler weather (“Stiches Go to Town”), to deeply etched cables (“One for the Road”), to casual, low-relief textures (“Fancy That”) to exquisite knits in classically wooly yarns (“All Wool and a Yard Wide”) and bold, bright colorwork (“Left Stranded”), you’re sure to find something your needles will crave. Fresh patterns and classic technique—it’s what fall knitting is all about.

24 July 2012

Guide to Financial Management

Publisher: Profile Books | Pages: 327 | 2008-06-01 | ISBN: 186197809X | PDF | 1 MB

With organizations driven to deliver on performance targets, managers are expected to make decisions fully understanding their financial consequences. Few non financial specialists are prepared for these financial challenges.

23 July 2012

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs: Insanely Different Principles for Breakthrough Success

ISBN: 007174875X | 2010 | EPUB/MOBI | 256 pages | 2 MB/1 MB

A "THINK DIFFERENT" APPROACH TO INNOVATION-- Based on the Seven Guiding Principles of Apple CEO Steve Jobs. In his acclaimed bestseller The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs author Carmine Gallo laid out a simple step-by-step program of powerful tools and proven techniques inspired by Steve Jobs's legendary presentations. Now, he shares the Apple CEO's most famous, most original, and most effective strategies for sparking true creativity--and real innovation--in any workplace.

19 June 2012

Economics For Dummies

F..r Du..s 2/ed (2-2011) | PDF | 416 pages | ISBN: 0470973250 | 4.4Mb

Sean Masaki Flynn. If you want to get to grips with the basics of economics and understand a subject that affects British citizens on a daily basis, then look no further than Economics For Dummies.

This easy to understand guide takes you through the world of economics from understanding micro- and macroeconomics to demystifying complex topics such as capitalism and recession.

This updated edition walks you through the history, principles and theories of economics as well as breaking down all the complicated terminology, leaving you clued up on economics in no time.
Getting to grips – explore the science of economics and how people deal with scarcity
Keeping an eye on it – learn all about macroeconomics and how economists keep track of everything.

Watch patterns emerge – understand why monitoring consumer behavior is vital and all you need to know about microeconomics ,Your recession guide – expert advice on recessions and a detailed look at why they occur

MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft Access

2011 | 190 Pages | ISBN: 0735657939 | PDF |16 MB

Demonstrate your expertise with Microsoft Access by earning a MOS 2010 certification. This Study Guide is designed to help you practice and prepare for Exam 77-885: Access 2010, and features:
  • Full objective-by-objective review
  • Procedures and hands-on practice tasks
  • Ready-made, downloadable practice files
  • Exam-discount and pre-test offer
Use the in-depth exam prep, practice, and review to help advance your proficiency with Access 2010—and earn the credential that proves it!

NOTE: This same content is also available as part of the MOS 2010 Study Guide for Microsoft Word Expert, Excel Expert, Access, & SharePoint Exams (ISBN 9780735657885)

30 May 2012

Extreme Weather and The Financial Markets: Opportunities in Commodities and Futures

The positive effects of climate change on the market Record-setting snowfall, cyclones in Australia, chronic drought in Russia, and other dramatic weather events are getting increased attention from scientists and the general public. The effects of climate change present challenges to many sectors, but also present major investing opportunities in the stock, bond, and futures markets. Extreme Weather and The Financial Markets looks at climate change from an investor's standpoint. The climate change debate is somewhat irrelevant to those in the financial industry, since we already live with more than enough extreme climate events to impact the financial markets.

To the extent that environmental scientists are correct and global climate change is real and getting worse, the more investment opportunities we have
The book presents investment ideas that will work under today's global climate condition and will become even more lucrative if global climate change continues
Written by Larry Oxley, an acclaimed author who has personally outperformed the index in the Basic Materials sectors (i.e. chemicals, metals, mining, and forest products) for each of the last five years—in both good and bad markets and throughout the global recession—in a portfolio of nearly $2 billion

Focusing on the investment opportunities during dramatic weather events, Extreme Weather and The Financial Markets offers advice on how to capitalize on global climate change.

02 May 2012

Pro HTML Accessibility

  • Paperback: 386 pages
  • Author: Joshue O Connor
  • Publisher: Apress, 1 Edition, 2012-03-26
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1430241942
  • ISBN-13: 9781430241942
  • Format: PDF, EPUB
  • File Size: 8MB, 5MB

  • Pro HTML5 Accessibility helps designers come to grips with building exciting, accessible and usable web sites and applications with HTML5. The book covers how to use HTML5 in order to serve the needs of people with disabilities and older persons using assistive technology (AT). It aims to be a useful ‘go-to’ guide, providing practical advice. It takes several approaches, including a look at the new semantics of HTML5 and how to combine its use with authoring practices you know from using earlier versions of HTML. It also demonstrates how HTML5 content is currently supported (or not) by assistive technologies such as screen readers, and what this means practically for accessibility in your web projects.
    The HTML5 specification is huge, with new APIs and patterns that can be difficult to understand. Accessibility can also seem complex and nuanced if you have no experience interacting with people with disabilities. This book walks you though the process of designing exciting user interfaces that can potentially be used by everyone, regardless of ability. Accessibility is really a quality design issue, and getting it right is often more a matter of approach than having sophisticated, cutting-edge tools at your disposal.
    This book will be your companion in your journey to understand both HTML5 and accessibility, as the author has many years of experience as a designer and web developer working directly with people with all types of disabilities. He has been involved with the development of HTML5 from an accessibility perspective for many years, as a member of the W3C WAI Protocols and Formats working group (which is responsible for ensuring W3C specifications are serving the needs of people with disabilities) as well as the HTML5 Working Group itself.
    • Introduces the new HTML5 specification from an accessibility perspective
    • Shows how incorporating accessibility into your interfaces using HTML5 can have benefits for all users
    • Explains how HTML5 is currently supported by assistive technologies like screen readers, and how to work around these limitations when developing

    What you’ll learn

    • Gain an overview of assistive technologies and how they work with web content, as well as how to approach accessibility in your design projects
    • Learn how HTML5 differs from HTML4 and earlier
    • Understand how to practically apply HTML5 to your web projects in order to design accessible content.
    • See what works and what doesn’t
    • Learn the new semantics and structures within HTML5, and how to use them to build more accessible websites and applications
    • See which HTML5 elements and attributes are supported by browsers and assistive technologies, and what this means for the user experience of people with disabilities
    • Understand which parts of HTML5 are not well supported by browsers and assistive technology
    • Get a snapshot of current support, its limitations, and how to design and code in a way that will support older assistive technologies and browsers as well as more feature-rich, newer technologies
    • Learn how CSS, JavaScript, and WAI-ARIA can be used with HTML5 to support the development of accessible web content

    Who this book is for

    Pro HTML5 Accessibility is for the intermediate to advanced web designer and developer who is already building websites and applications but needs some help in understanding accessibility and how it relates to HTML5. The book can be read as a basic introduction to HTML5 and accessibility, but may be more suited to the professional or experienced designer who already has knowledge of HTML4 (or earlier) as well as CSS, WAI-ARIA and JavaScript. While no detailed knowledge of CSS, WAI-ARIA or scripting is really required, it will help the reader to understand some of the design patterns and examples discussed in the book.

    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction to HTML5 Acessibility
    2. Understanding Disability and Assistive Technology
    3. JavaScript Isn’t a Dirty Word, and ARIA Isn’t Just Beautiful Music
    4. API and DOM
    5. HTML5, the New Semantics and New Approaches to Document Markup
    6. Images, Rich Media, Audio and Video in HTML 5
    7. HTML5 and Accessible Data Tables
    8. HTML5 and Accessible Forms
    9. HTML5, Usability and User-Centered Design
    10. Tools, Tips, and Tricks: Assessing Your Acessible HTML5 Project
    11. WCAG 2.0 Client-Side Scripting Techniques
    12. Definition of WAI-ARIA Roles

    28 March 2012

    The Official eBay Bible, Third Edition

     Publisher: Gotham| 3rd edition | August 2, 2007 | 770 pages | ISBN: 1592403018 | PDF | 20 MB

    Jim "Griff" Griffith, eBay’s official ambassador, presents the definitive sourcebook on all things eBay, for beginners to seasoned users alike. Uncle Griff, Dean of eBay Education, brings us the latest on all things eBay with the only officially endorsed and authorized guide to this phenomenal auction site.

    The Official eBay Bible has sold more than 150,000 copies in previous editions and eBay today is bigger than ever, with 203 million registered users and 541,000 official eBay stores nationwide. The Official eBay Bible, Third Edition is fully revised and totally updated with all of the latest changes to the site, making all previous books on eBay obsolete.

    Much more than a user’s guide, The Official eBay Bible, Third Edition includes the inspiring stories of real-life buyers and sellers, as well as tips and tricks on some of the powerful, but little-known aspects ofusing the site. This definitive sourcebook includes instructional plans for users of all levels, whether they’re running a small business through the site or simply enjoying it as a hobby. New features in the thirdedition include: a new streamlined organization, images of all the latest features and screens, and even more information for small-business owners. Packed with over seven hundred illustrations, The Official eBay Bible, Third Edition delivers the ultimate word on eBay, from an insider who has been there from the beginning.

    30 Days to a Sexier You! A Self Help Guide for Low Female Libido

     Knowledge Key Publishing | 2012 | ISBN: n/a | 72 pages | PDF/epub | 6 MB

    The book is a professionally written self-help guide for women to help address the underlying issues one day at a time. Written by a woman for women Putting your love life back on track requires more than just the 'quick fix' of a pill or a potion. After all, this is about the most intimate part of yourself and you need to be in control.

    To help you make Scentuelle a daily, sensual experience designed an easy-to-do, 30 day program to re-ignite your sexual passion.

    The Crusades: Biographies

     Publisher: UХL | 2004-12-03 | ISBN: 0787691771 | PDF | 256 pages | 15.89 MB

     The Crusades covers everything from the First Crusade (1095-99) through the Ninth Crusade (1271-72). The Crusades: Biographies explores many key figures, such as Pope Urban II, Saladin, Pope Innocent III, Peter the Hermit, Richard I of England, Frederick I of Germany, Francis of Assisi, Stephen of Cloyes and others.

    New Introduction to Multiple Time Series Analysis

    English | 2007-10-04 | ISBN: 3540262393 | 764 pages | PDF | 13.4 mb

    This is the new and totally revised edition of Lütkepohl’s classic 1991 work. It provides a detailed introduction to the main steps of analyzing multiple time series, model specification, estimation, model checking, and for using the models for economic analysis and forecasting. The book now includes new chapters on cointegration analysis, structural vector autoregressions, cointegrated VARMA processes and multivariate ARCH models. The book bridges the gap to the difficult technical literature on the topic. It is accessible to graduate students in business and economics. In addition, multiple time series courses in other fields such as statistics and engineering may be based on it.

    23 March 2012

    iPhone 4S All-in-One For Dummies

    • Paperback: 608 pages
    • Author: Joe Hutsko
    • Publisher: For Dummies, 1 Edition, 2012-02-21
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1118101197
    • ISBN-13: 9781118101193
    • Format: PDF
    • File Size: 73MB

    27 February 2012

    Hiring and Keeping the Best People

    Harvard Business School Press | ISBN: 157851875X | 208 pages | January 2, 2003 | PDF | 2 Mb

    In today's ever changing business environment, hiring an all-star workforce and keeping it in place is a challenge for any organization. With an overview on topics such as recruiting the right people, cultivating the right culture, avoiding employee burnout, and calculating employee turnover, this book offers managers a clear understanding of how to hire more effectively and increase retention. Packed with hands-on tips and tools, this helpful guide provides actionable and practical advice for managers and human resource professionals alike.

    Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing

    A fresh step-by-step guide for identifying your nonprofit's planned giving prospects and inspiring them to give generously
    Donor-Centered Planned Gift Marketing helps nonprofit organizations move beyond traditional marketing techniques that have historically yielded only modest results and reveals how putting the focus on the donor can produce the best outcomes for all. Here, nonprofits new to gift planning will learn to market effectively from the start while those with established programs will discover ways to enhance their efforts. You will learn about various donor-centered marketing channels and techniques, as well as how to generate internal support for an improved planned gift marketing effort.

    Full of useful and proven tips you can implement for immediate results Offers practical tools including forms and checklists Includes a worksheet to help organizations calculate their planned giving potential

    Sharing the latest research findings, this book shows you how to identify who your planned giving prospects are. You will learn how to effectively focus on them through meaningful communication that ultimately inspires them to give-and give more.

    Seven days to self-defense

    Black Belt in a Box / Contemporary Books | 2001 | ISBN: 0809270331 | English | 53 pages | PDF | 4.4 MB

    Each year literally thousands of young women are attacked in the streets of our country. Some are mugged, some beaten, some raped, and some killed. Almost all of these women have one thing in common, they do not know how to defend themselves. Perhaps with some small self-defense training some of these women would not be helplessly attacked and thus would not be raped or killed. Certainly all of them would stand a better chance if they knew some effective, yet simple, techniques to defend against an attack.

    24 February 2012

    SPSS Survival Manual: A step by step guide to data analysis using SPSS

    Op.n U-ty | 2011 | ISBN: 0335242391, 1742373925 | 352 pages | PDF | 3,5 MB

    "It reads as though someone is sitting next to you conversing with you and taking you through it ... It has a reassuring tone. Julie Pallant writes in a kind and inclusive way which students appreciate."
    Sue Thorpe, Lecturer in Research Methods, Department of Psychology, University of Surrey, UK.
    "Its key strengths are clarity, clear English, clear explanations, and clear examples. What this book does well is to provide easy, straightforward explanations."
    Martin Lea, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychological Sciences, University of Manchester, UK.

    "An excellent introduction to using SPSS for data analysis... It provides a self-contained resource itself, with more than simply (detailed and clear) step-by-step descriptions of statistical procedures in SPSS. There is also a wealth of tips and advice, and for each statistical technique a brief, but consistently reliable, explanation is provided."
    Associate Professor George Dunbar, Department of Psychology, University of Warwick, UK.

    Julie Pallant's SPSS Survival Manual throws a lifeline to students and researchers grappling with this data analysis software.

    In this thoroughly revised edition of her bestselling text, now covering up to version 18 of the SPSS software, Julie Pallant guides you through the entire research process, helping you choose the right data analysis technique for your project.

    From the formulation of research questions, to the design of the study and analysis of data, to reporting the results, Julie discusses basic and advanced statistical techniques. She outlines each technique clearly, with easy to follow step-by-step procedures for performing the analysis, a detailed guide to interpreting data output and an example of how to present the results in a report. In this fourth edition all chapters have been updated to accommodate changes to SPSS procedures, screens and output. A number of additional techniques (McNemar's Test, Cochran's Q Test) have been included in the Non_parametric Statistics chapter. For both beginners and experienced users in psychology, sociology, health sciences, medicine, education, business and related disciplines, the SPSS Survival Manual is THE essential guide. Illustrated with screen grabs, examples of output and tips, it is supported by a website with sample data and guidelines on report writing.

    Basics of Engineering Economy

    McGraw-| 2007 | ISBN: 0073401293 | 436 pages | PDF | 15,7 MB

    This text covers the basic techniques and applications of engineering economy for all disciplines in the engineering profession. The writing style emphasizes brief, crisp coverage of the principle or technique discussed in order to reduce the time taken to present and grasp the essentials. The objective of the text is to explain and demonstrate the principles and techniques of engineering economic analysis as applied in different fields of engineering. This brief text includes coverage of multiple attribute evaluation for instructors who want to include non-economic dimensions in alternative evaluation and the discussion of risk considerations in the appendix, compared to Blanks comprehensive text, where these topics are discussed in two unique chapters.

    05 February 2012

    Strategy Formulation in Entrepreneurial Firms

    ISBN: 0754647927 | 2007 | PDF | 225 pages | 1,22 MB

    This book is concerned with strategy formulation issues in the relatively neglected field of entrepreneurial firms. It raises questions such as what is the strategic role of entrepreneurship in small businesses? How does the top management in small firms perceive the processes associated with strategy formulation? How are business strategies formulated and implemented in SMEs? And importantly, are there lessons that can be learnt by large corporations from the smaller ones? Using a sample covering a wide range of entrepreneurial firms in the UK, the author addresses the lack of strategic thinking in the management of small firms and provides recommendations for effective strategic management processes.

    14 January 2012

    Android Tablet Games Programming

    • Paperback: 196 pages
    • Author: Jeremy Kerfs
    • Publisher: Apress, 1 Edition, 2011-11-30
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1430238526
    • ISBN-13: 9781430238522
    • Format: PDF, EPUB
    • File Size: 7MB

    Android games programmers now have the power to write games for Android tablets. Beginning Android Tablet Games Programming explains how to enhance your Android games using the new tablet interface and the additional screen estate. You’ll learn how to bring your programming skills up to date and into a world where touch screens, games physics, and artificial intelligence come together in new and surprising ways.
    Beginning Android Tablet Games Programming shows how to quickly and easily set up an Android development environment—in no time at all, you’ll be programming away. You’ll begin with some simple games using sprites and choreographed movement. Next, you’ll learn how to handle user input in the modern age of touch screens and motion.
    Along the way, you’ll discover how to use that extra screen space on a tablet to provide more relaxed and more interesting user interactions in your games. You’ll learn how to use sound and music, for instance, to make your application menus more user-friendly.
    The Android operating system has recently acquired multicore functionality to meet the demands of multicore devices now entering the tablet market. With Beginning Android Tablet Games Programming, you’ll discover how to harness that new power with your games programming through more process-demanding and fun techniques, including physics modeling, rich game world representation, artificial intelligence, and multiplayer interactions.
    Throughout each chapter of Beginning Android Tablet Games Programming, you’ll find code that you can add or adapt to your own games to create the components you want. You can also work up to wrapping everything together into a complete Mario-type example game.
    Finally, when you have your first games ready, learn how developers have released their games and made a profit. You’ll find tips on how to present your games in the Android and other application markets, and a solid approach to games marketing and monetization.

    What you’ll learn

    • How to set up an Android tablet programming environment
    • How to program for touchscreens and other input devices
    • Techniques to take advantage of the extra screen size of a tablet
    • How to take advantage of multicore processing power in your games
    • How to program a multiplayer game
    • How to add artificial intelligence to in-game opponents
    • How to program game modes, game states, and game worlds
    • How to program a complete game
    • About in-app marketing and games monetization

    Who this book is for

    This is a book for Java programmers new to Honeycomb, tablets and games programming. An experienced games programmer can also use this book to migrate their existing expertise to the Android and the tablet environment.
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