31 August 2010

download: Canadian Living - October 2010 (Magazine)

Lifestyle of Canadian people ! is it interesting for you?

Canadian Living magazine contains helpful articles on food, cooking, health, relationships, family and lifestyles in Canada.

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download: the history of china

An Introduction To the book :

On October 1, 2009, the People’s Republic of China celebrated its 60th anniversary with a stunning display of weapons, rumbling tanks, and smartly dressed soldiers under a blue sky in the capital city of Beijing. It was an impressive show of military might that displayed China’s rising power in the modern world.

From a nation devastated by civil war and the ravages of World War II, China has become the world’s third-largest economy and a major player on the world stage. But the ability to renew itself is far from new for China. Despite upheavals that have shattered the country, China is unique among nations: its many cultural and economic accomplishments stretch across a continuous period, from its earliest recorded history, more than 4,000 years ago, to today. This book will reveal much about this exceptional nation and its long, varied history, which reaches back to one of the earliest periods in world civilzation. China was ruled for centuries by dynasties, each contributing to the country’s cultural development. The first Chinese dynasty for which there is archaeological evidence is the Shang dynasty (c. 1600–1046 BC). They left behind beautiful bronze objects, including massive ritual vessels and bronze chariots, which showed that Shang society was sophisticated and organized enough for its people to create large-scale foundries. Eventually, the Shang were conquered by their western neighbours, the Zhou (1046- 256 BC). The great philosopher Confucius was born during Zhou times. The Qin dynasty (221–207 BC) was so influential that the name “China” is derived from Qin. Shihuangdi was its founder and most notable emperor. On the one hand, he was a cruel tyrant. On the other hand, changes he made during his reign helped to define China even today. The boundaries he set during his reign became the traditional territory of China. In later eras China sometimes held other territories, but the Qin boundaries were always considered to embrace the indivisible area of China proper.

26 August 2010

download: Wine Science: Principles and Applications

Publisher: Academic Press 2008

776 Pages
ISBN: 0123736463
18 MB

Understand the three pillars of wine science---- grape culture, wine production, and sensory evaluation-- in the third edition of this bestselling title.

Author Ronald Jackson takes readers on a scientific tour into the world of wine by detailing the latest discoveries in this exciting industry. From grape anatomy to wine and health, this book includes coverage of material not found in other enology or viticulture texts including details on cork and oak, specialized wine making procedures, and historical origins of procedures. Jackson uniquely breaks down sophisticated techniques, allowing the reader to easily understand wine science processes.
NEW on this edition:

* Extensive revision and additions on: chemistry of red wine color, origin of grape varietyies, wine language, significance of color and other biasing factors to wine perception, various meanings and significance of wine oxidation

* Significant additional coverage on brandy and ice wine production

* New illustrations and color photos
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25 August 2010

download: The Millionaire Next Door

The bestselling The Millionaire Next Door identifies seven common traits that show up again and again among those who have accumulated wealth. Most of the truly wealthy in this country don’t live in Beverly Hills or on Park Avenue-they live next door. This new edition, the first since 1998, includes a new foreword for the twenty-first century by Dr. Thomas J. Stanley.

How can you join the ranks of America’s wealthy (defined as people whose net worth is over one million dollars)? It’s easy, say doctors Stanley and Danko, who have spent the last 20 years interviewing members of this elite club: you just have to follow seven simple rules. The first rule is, always live well below your means. The last rule is, choose your occupation wisely. You’ll have to buy the book to find out the other five. It’s only fair. The authors’ conclusions are commonsensical. But, as they point out, their prescription often flies in the face of what we think wealthy people should do. There are no pop stars or athletes in this book, but plenty of wall-board manufacturers–particularly ones who take cheap, infrequent vacations! Stanley and Danko mercilessly show how wealth takes sacrifice, discipline, and hard work, qualities that are positively discouraged by our high-consumption society. “You aren’t what you drive,” admonish the authors. Somewhere, Benjamin Franklin is smiling.

24 August 2010

Process Management: Why Project Management Fails in Complex Decision Making Processes

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 364213940X
edition 2010
200 pages
1,1 mb
What is it that makes a manager or a politician a successful decision maker? Our first inclination would be to say decisiveness and substance. Many managers who met those criteria, however, had to abandon the field in the past several years. The authors of Process Management regard a manager as successful if he pays much attention to the process aspects of change.
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20 August 2010

download : Exponential Diophantine Equations

Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521091705, 0521268265
252 pages
3,9 MB
In mathematics, a Diophantine equation is an indeterminate polynomial equation that allows the variables to be integers only. Diophantine problems have fewer equations than unknown variables and involve finding integers that work correctly for all equations.
This is a integrated presentation of the theory of exponential diophantine equations. The authors present, in a clear and unified fashion, applications to exponential diophantine equations and linear recurrence sequences of the Gelfond-Baker theory of linear forms in logarithms of algebraic numbers. Topics covered include the Thue equations, the generalised hyperelliptic equation, and the Fermat and Catalan equations. The necessary preliminaries are given in the first three chapters. Each chapter ends with a section giving details of related results.
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14 August 2010

download : Start new online business

Does the idea of working an online website business and earning money from the comfort of your own home sound appealing to you? If so, you need to start online business now...More people are taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities online to earn their own money and be their own boss while not having to leave their home. Working from home can be fun and very rewarding.

Is it interesting for you to have an online business for yourself ? then you need to download this ebook.

Imagine getting up in the morning whenever you please, making a cup of coffee and heading to the office which is located in your home - still wearing your pajamas! More people are doing this each year. Imagine being your own boss and not having to answer to anyone but yourself and your customers. Imagine having no limit on what type of income you can make!!

12 August 2010

Chaotics: The Business of Managing and Marketing in the Age of Turbulence

We have entered into an entirely new era, an age of increasingly frequent and intense periods of turbulence in the global economy. Unlike past recessions, today's crises have precipitated a need for businesses to develop a new mindset, one that takes into account intermittent periods of disturbance, allowing them to thrive while under the constant threat of chaos. Complete with metrics and measurements, "Chaotics" outlines a powerful new system for managing waves of uncertainty affecting customers, employees, and other stakeholders. In this climate of increased turbulence, no organization can survive with less.

11 August 2010

download : The Obama Diaries

Publisher: Threshold Editions; 1 edition

ISBN : 1439197512
July 13, 2010
400 pages
The Diary of President Barack Obama The White House May 19, 2010 I was going to write about tonight’s state dinner for Mexico and the amnesty plan, but we’ve got a national crisis here! I think somebody’s been snooping in this diary! The pages are all wrinkled! And the most personal entries are dog-eared! WHAT THE HELL’S GOING ON HERE? (WASHINGTON, D.C.) On May 20, 2010, Laura Ingraham received a package from an anonymous source that will change the history of the United States and the legacy of President Barack Obama.
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05 August 2010

download: The Little, Brown Book of Anecdotes

YA Fadiman may do for the anecdote what Bartlett did for the quotation. There are over 4000 biographical anecdotes about more than 2000 famous people. The book is international in scope and an entertaining walk through history. People representing all types of occupations are covered, from U.S. presidents to Greek philosophers to entertainers and sports figures. Brief biographical information is given about each person, and sources are given wherever possible. The anecdotes range in spirit from the very moving to the amusing and ridiculous, with the emphasis on the latter two. Typical is the entry under Hank Aaron: "During the 1957 World Series, Yankee catcher Yogi Berra noticed that Aaron grasped the bat the wrong way. 'Turn it around,' he said, 'so you can see the trademark.' But Hank kept his eye on the pitcher's mound: 'Didn't come up here to read. Came up here to hit.' " The arrangement is alphabetical by person, with name and subject indexes. The introduction includes an excellent essay on the definition, history and purpose of anecdotes. A thoroughly entertaining and useful reference source. Pat Royal, Prince George's County Public School System, Md.

Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Anecdotes are brief stories we like to tell about people, more succinct than gossip and more respectable. Most in this dictionary have been "pilfered" (vii) from other collections, but on the other hand there are an informative introduction, an index of themes, and a bibliography of sources. The anecdotes themselves are arranged under the name of the person they're about. That this is a reference book, however, is doubtful: many of the anecdotes are followed by a cautionary note that they have been told of others as well or are apocryphal, and it's unlikely that much seriously useful biographical information is revealed in them, no matter how entertaining or true. More suitable for the bedside table than for the reference shelf. BOMC alternate.. William Wortman, Miami Univ. Lib., Oxford, Ohio

Copyright 1986 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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