28 February 2010

download : The Blind Assassin: A Novel

The Blind Assassin opens with these simple, resonant words: "Ten days after the war ended, my sister Laura drove a car off a bridge." They are spoken by Iris, whose terse account of her sister's death in 1945 is followed by an inquest report proclaiming the death accidental. But just as the reader expects to settle into Laura?s story, Atwood introduces a novel-within-a-novel. Entitled The Blind Assassin, it is a science fiction story told by two unnamed lovers who meet in dingy backstreet rooms. When we return to Iris, it is through a 1947 newspaper article announcing the discovery of a sailboat carrying the dead body of her husband, a distinguished industrialist. Brilliantly weaving together such seemingly disparate elements, Atwood creates a world of astonishing vision and unforgettable impact.

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27 February 2010

download : Smart Women Protect Their Assets

Smart Women Protect Their Assets: Essential Information for Every Woman About Wills, Trusts, and More

Publisher: FT Press; 1 edition (November 27, 2008)

224 Pages
ISBN: 0132360403
1.3 MB

“This little book contains a wealth of estate planning information that every successful woman needs to know. Wynne Whitman makes complicated subjects comprehensible and outlines a plan of action that any woman can follow.”

–Liz Pulliam Weston, “the most-read personal finance columnist on the Internet” (Nielsen/NetRatings); author of Easy Money, Your Credit Score, and Deal with Your Debt

“Thanks to Wynne Whitman’s great advice, I’ve learned everything I need to know to ensure my stellar Grey Goose collection goes to the right person. But more importantly, I now know what I need to do to protect my assets as well as Chuy’s.”

–Chelsea Handler, best-selling author of Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea and My Horizontal Life; host of Chelsea Lately on E! Entertainment Television

“I’ve worked hard all my life to support my family and was wondering what the future held for them when a friend sent me this book. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Here are the answers. Very clear with tons of information, especially about wills and how to help the family in the future.”

–Sally Jessy Raphael, Emmy Award-winning talk show host

“This book is a must read for smart women (and men). The author’s humorous writing style gets you up to speed painlessly on estate planning essentials–so your children have guardians, so you avoid taxes, and so your money and other assets go to the right people. Don’t have a will, trust, living will, or durable powers of attorney? Get them, immediately after reading this book.”

–Greg Karp, syndicated personal finance journalist and author of Living Rich by Spending Smart

Too many women still haven’t taken control of what will happen to their wealth and their assets. If you don’t plan, the government will decide who’ll act for you when you’re sick…who’ll manage your estate when you die…who’ll get everything you’ve worked for. Everyone needs to plan, but women face unique issues that are often ignored in “typical” discussions of estate planning. Smart Women Protect Their Assets offers the specific guidance women need to safeguard their futures and control where their assets will go. Leading estate planner Wynne A. Whitman offers smart, up-to-date, and easy-to-use advice for the scenarios millions of women will face. You’ll discover how to protect children of a previous marriage…give gifts the right way…do the easy planning that may save you nearly a million dollars…get the Living Will and Power of Attorney you simply must have…and a whole lot more. Written by a woman for women, this is a quick, focused, engaging, and practical book packed with simple checklists and “what-to-do-next” advice: information every woman can act on, right now.

* Are you risking everything?

What you could lose if you don’t start planning now

* How to choose the right estate planning instruments for your situation

Wills, trusts, and “fancier” options: Which are right for you and those you care about?

* What if you get sick and can’t act for yourself?

Make sure the right person is there to make the right decisions

* How to provide peace of mind to your loved ones

Get organized and tell your loved ones exactly what you want

* How to discuss life’s toughest topics

Bringing it up with your husband, partner, or significant other
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download : SQL All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies

Publisher: For Dummies
ISBN: 0470119284
edition 2007
720 pages
13,6 mb

SQL is the international standard language for creating and maintaining relational databases. This book is a compendium of information about SQL and relational database design, development, and maintenance. The nine mini-books cover the full spectrum of issues that arise in building, using, and maintaining relational database systems.

Book I: SQL Concepts

Book II: Relational Database Development

Book III: SQL Queries

Book IV: Data Security

Book V: SQL and Programming

Book VI: SQL and XML...

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download : 12 volumes of britannica discovery library

Overview: Each of the twelve volumes in the Britannica Discovery Library is designed to encourage children to learn about a key aspect of their world while having fun at the same time. The Britannica Discovery Library is a resource to be used over several years, as children progress from being read to by others to reading independently.

26 February 2010

download : Nokia E72 Schematics & Service Manuals

Nokia E72 Schematics & Service Manuals
3 pdf files
40 MB
The purpose of this document is to help NOKIA Service levels 1, 2, 3, 4 workshops technicians to carry out service to nokia products.

download : Biography of famous author Judy Blume

Biography of famous author, Judy Blume

Publisher: Chelsea House Publications

ISBN: 1604133341
120 pages
1.67 MB

Judy Blume is one of America's most popular authors of books for teens and adults. Fans of her work may not be aware, however, that this successful author was a wife and a mother before she tested her writing abilities. Blume's perseverance eventually landed this keenly observant author a publishing contract. Readers have laughed at the adventures of Peter Hatcher and his brother, Fudge, in "Blume's Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing", and preteen readers found the trials and tribulations of puberty eased by reading "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret" or "Then Again, Maybe I Won't". Blume's characters convey how it truly feels to be a teenager facing doubts, fears, and anxiety about life. This new edition brings readers up to date on this active author.

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download :Introduction to Natural and Man-made Disasters

Introduction to Natural and Man-made Disasters and their Effects on Buildings

Publisher: Architectural Press
ISBN 0750656700
December 31, 2003
240 pages
7.77 MB

This is a comprehensive guide to all types of natural and man made disasters and their effect on buildings. It gives overall guidance and a basic technical understanding of prevention, mitigation and management of disaster, and outlines a checklist of preventive design elements for each situation. Every category is illustrated with a case study which pin points the essential information that is crucial to architects and engineers in designing buildings with disaster prevention in mind. The aim of the book is to give a clear understanding of the nature of events and problems, and to enable readers to respond with knowledge to the unique demands placed on their designs.

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25 February 2010

download : Hair and scalp disorders

Publisher : Informa HealthCare

ISBN: 1841841935
14.5 MB
Hair and scalp problems are common between people, then it's not bad to think more about healthy hairs !
Hair and Scalp Disorders: Common Presenting Signs, Differential Diagnosis is a concise, well-illustrated guide to diagnosis and management of hair and scalp disorders. The book contains material based on the authors’ original research work on hair evaluation and includes the latest information on inflammatory disorders and pharmaceutical treatments. It utilizes full-color photographs, tables of differential diagnosis and extensive cross-referencing to clarify the varieties of presenting signs that a physician will encounter. In addition to updating throughout, the new edition of this text contains expanded material on psychology and new material on evaluation and scoring.
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download : Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, Volume 2

Publisher: Gale Group

ISBN: 0684805669
edition 2002
614 pages
22,5 mb
All about food but with relation to culture ! it's really interesting !

The Encyclopedia of Food and Culture is all about food: a single authoritative source about the most essential element of daily life. Here you will find articles by food historians, anthropologists, chefs and bakers, nutritionists and dieticians, farmers, agronomists and horticulturists, food stylists, and specialists in the culinary arts. In developing the encyclopedia, the editors took special care to make the content interesting and the organization useful for those who want to learn about a particular topic, to make the text enjoyable for those who simply want to explore the wide and wonderful world of food, and to provide sufficient authority and depth for researchers. If this Encyclopedia does not tell you everything you need to know about food, it will show you where to find it.

24 February 2010

download : Essential Programs to download and read Ebooks !

  Yes, It's really necessary to have some programs to download and read ebooks ! The most important ones are Adobe Reader and the other one is Winrar ! Don't forget that most files that you are going to download on internet (not only Ebook but most of files) are in compressed format and you need Winrar to Extract them, after that, most of Ebooks are in PDF format and you need Adobe Reader to read them !

 Don't worry, Adobe reader is a freeware and you can use that by free. Just you need to download it :

 To Download Adobe Reader 9.3 :

 To Download Winrar :

These are your tools to read more ebooks !

download : Categories for Software Engineering

Many of Software Engineers think that this book is essential for Software Engineers, What do you think ?

This book provides a gentle introduction to category theory oriented to software engineering. Assuming only a minimum of mathematical background, this book explores the use of categorical constructions from the point of view of the methods and techniques that have been proposed for the engineering of complex software systems: object-oriented development, software architectures, logical and algebraic specification techniques, models of concurrency, inter alia. After two parts in which basic and more advanced categorical concepts and techniques are introduced, the book illustrates their application to the semantics of CommUnity ? a language for the architectural design of interactive systems.

23 February 2010

download : British Short Fiction in the Early Nineteenth Century

Publisher: Ashgate

ISBN: 0754664139
200 pages
1.09 MB

In spite of the importance of the idea of the 'tale' within Romantic-era literature, short fiction of the period has received little attention from critics. Contextualizing British short fiction within the broader framework of early nineteenth-century print culture, Tim Killick argues that authors and publishers sought to present short fiction in book-length volumes as a way of competing with the novel as a legitimate and prestigious genre. Beginning with an overview of the development of short fiction through the late eighteenth century and analysis of the publishing conditions for the genre, including its appearance in magazines and annuals, Killick shows how Washington Irving's hugely popular collections set the stage for British writers.Subsequent chapters consider the stories and sketches of writers as diverse as Mary Russell Mitford and James Hogg, as well as didactic short fiction by authors such as Hannah More, Maria Edgeworth, and Amelia Opie. His book makes a convincing case for the evolution of short fiction into a self-conscious, intentionally modern form, with its own techniques and imperatives, separate from those of the novel.

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22 February 2010

download : Environmental Engineering: Designing a Sustainable Future

Designing a sustainable future, with Enviroment Engineering !

Environmental engineering's future seems boundless because it is based in the myriad ways in which nature solves its own engineering challenges. People have yet to design a system that pumps water 200 feet straight up toward the sky in a system that is silent, requires no mechanical pumps, and never malfunctions, yet giant sequoia trees do this every day. Environmental engineering has a distance to go to mimic nature's activities, but fortunately, nature provides endless examples of processes like the sequoias' that maximize energy conservation. Environmental engineering represents a discipline that will be required for almost all future technologies in energy conservation. Featuring full-color photographs and line illustrations, this new book shows how some engineering projects turn out to be quite complex endeavors, while a good number draw on the simplicity of natural systems by following nature's theme of 'less is more'. It also discusses the ways in which environmental engineering blends the best aspects of art and design with the sciences of physics, geology, ecology, and the chemistry of matter. Chapters include: New Directions in Civil Engineering; Designing Transit Systems; Innovations in Personal Vehicles; Sustainable Manufacturing; Energy Efficient Electronics; Ecological Landscape Design; and, Sustainable Wastewater Treatment.

Chapters include:

New Directions in Civil Engineering

Designing Transit Systems

Innovations in Personal Vehicles

Sustainable Manufacturing

Energy Efficient Electronics

Ecological Landscape Design

Sustainable Wastewater Treatment.

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download : MATLAB Guide

If You want to become a Pro user of Matlab, this ebook can be your first and best option !

‘I use the Higham brothers' MATLAB Guide as a reference for myself and my students in all my applied mathematics and computational science courses. The clarity and usefulness of their writing are major attractions for using their books. Consequently, I look forward to the very much improved second edition, as if that were possible for a much admired book. In particular, the new chapter on case studies looks quite interesting with its useful applications. In addition, new treatments of new functions and features like nested functions, ODE as well as DDE functions will be of great interest.’ Floyd B. Hanson, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago

‘MATLAB Guide is an excellent reference book for MATLAB programming. This new version of MATLAB Guide contains material on important changes introduced in MATLAB 7, including single precision arithmetic and anonymous and nested functions. The new edition also contains many more examples; readers will have the advantage of learning MATLAB by essentially looking over the shoulder of two experts. This is a book that all users, new and experienced, will find valuable.’ James Nagy, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory University

‘MATLAB Guide, Second Edition, is my new favorite MATLAB reference because it not only teaches MATLAB, it fosters a love for all things related to scientific computation. This well-written book features top notch examples, the latest MATLAB features, and offers MATLAB insights that can't be found anywhere else!’ Steven H. Frankel, Purdue University

‘The second edition of the Higham brothers' MATLAB Guide is both timely and consistent with their record for careful work. New features from MATLAB versions 13 and 14, such as name completion, anonymous and nested functions, and logical variables are described in the new edition. Appendices have been changed and reorganized to update resource and "help" directory structures …There are many new MATLAB functions, such as a fully implicit ODE integrator (ode15i) and a facility for delay differential equations (dde23). Examples have been added to the guide to illustrate these new functions. The authors have done much more than was required for a second edition, but wisely preserved the sometimes delightful examples in the first. Admittedly, their stated objective of providing a ‘compact’ reference for MATLAB has been pushed a bit by adding 100 new pages. However, edition two represents a careful update of the best MATLAB guide available.’ W. Petersen, Seminar for Applied Mathematics, ETH Zurich --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.
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21 February 2010

download : Exploring Employee Relations: An International Approach

Exploring Employee Relations, Second Edition: An International Approach
By Mike Leat

Exploring Employee Relations is a straightforward and accessible text that is aimed at students who are taking the subject for the first time. The structure is clear and logical, leading the newcomer through the topics in a way to maximise comprehension. Key issues are highlighted and supported by a small case or example from business. Chapters are structured to enable progressive learning with a logical development of the content. Each chapter ends with a summary of the key points met in the text and these are further reinforced by review and discussion questions, with answers and feedback on the activities included at the end of the book. The chapters are grouped thematically into parts and longer case studies are included that are suitable for assignment and seminar work.

This new edition is thoroughly revised with a new international approach which provides new material on the European Union and the role of Government and Demography, bargaining power and securing employee commitment. The text has also been written to cover the new CIPD employee relations syllabus

* A clear introductory text covering the CIPD Employee Relations syllabus

* Revised and updated throughout with new material on the European Union, the role and impact of government and demography, bargaining power and ways of securing employee commitment

* Student friendly resource providing self check activities, mini case studies and Question and Answer sections.

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