25 April 2010

download : Digital Photos, Movies, & Music GigabookFor Dummies

Publisher: For Dummies
ISBN: 0764574140
edition 2004
962 pages
22,8 mb
Dive into this GigaReference and build your digital media skills!

The Dummies Way

* Broad assortment of topics * Explanations in plain English * Handy tabs to mark favorite spots * "Get in, get out" information * Special "Check It Out" features * A dash of humor and fun

This guide to digital media is our biggest ever, and your best buy!

In this brave new digital world, you need all the information you can get. Here’s a wealth of wisdom about all aspects of digital photography, music, and movies--what hardware and software to buy, how to use it, how to squeeze peak performance from it every time, and how to preserve the results for posterity. Don’t worry about losing your place in this supersized reference; mark those helpful instructions with one of the handy tabs you’ll find in the front of the book.

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