05 April 2010

download : Industrial Mathematics: Case Studies in the Diffusion of Heat

Industrial Mathematics: Case Studies in the Diffusion of Heat and Matter
Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521807174, 0521001811
214 pages
1,2 MB
Use Mathematics to solve industrial problems !
The focus in this text is on mathematical modelling stimulated by contemporary industrial problems involving heat conduction and mass diffusion. These include continuous metal casting, laser drilling, spontaneous combustion of industrial waste, water filtration and crop irrigation. The industrial problems prove to be an excellent setting for the introduction and reinforcement of modelling skills, equation solving techniques, qualitative understanding of partial differential equations and their dynamical properties. Mathematical topics include setting up partial differential equations and boundary conditions, dimensional analysis, scaling, perturbation expansions, boundary valuer problems, Fourier series, symmetry reductions, Stefan problems and bifurcations.
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