08 March 2010

downlaod : Painless Spelling Barron's Educational Series

You can have a good spelling after reading this Book !

Barron's Educational Series

255 pages
Sep 1998
ISBN 0764105671
2 MB

If you think that spelling correctly in English is a tricky business, you’re absolutely right. But you still can learn how to do it—and enjoy yourself while learning! Here’s the book that makes learning correct spelling entirely painless. Ten easy-to-read chapters start with an interesting history of the English language, then go on to analyze sound and letter patterns, diphthongs, silent letters, homophones and homographs, compound and abbreviated words, contractions, prefixes, suffixes and to base words, and lots more. When you reach the final chapter, you’ll discover to your delight that your spelling skills have increased many times over—while your grades have gone up accordingly. Just as important, you’ll discover that you’ve had fun learning!


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