09 July 2010

download : the girl with a secret

About Author:

Charlotte Armstrong Lewi (1905-05-02 Vulcan, Michigan – 1969-07-18 Glendale, California) was an American author. Under the names Charlotte Armstrong and Jo Valentine she wrote over 28 novels, as well as working for the New York Times advertising department, as a fashion reporter for Breath of the Avenue (a buyer's guide), and in an accounting firm.

About Novel:

" The Girl with a secret " is one of her novels.

Alice knew her new husband had a checkered past - he was in undercover police work before their marriage. He was supposed to be out of that now. But just as they arrive for a visit to meet his family, he gets called away to infiltrate a narcotics gang.
Alice finds out, totally by accident. Tony is ready to call the whole thing off. But he goes to Mexico, and Alice is set to cover for him. But it's harder to keep the secret than she expects, and the danger is all around.
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