18 July 2010

download : Managing Risk in Agriculture. A Holistic Approach


Sep. 2009
ISBN: 9264075305
172 pages
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This book examines the current magnitude and characteristics of risk-related policies in agriculture and what is known about the quantitative size of agricultural risks. It looks at the on-farm, off-farm, and market instruments available to manage risk, and it explains how the holistic approach helps clarify the role of governments.

The sources of risk in agriculture are numerous and diverse, ranging from events related to climate and weather conditions to animal diseases; from changes in agriculture commodities prices to changes in fertilizer and other input prices; and from financial uncertainties to policy and regulatory risks. Agricultural risks are not independent, but rather are linked both to each other and as part of a system that includes all available instruments, strategies and policies designed to manage risk. A holistic approach is thus necessary.

Table of Content

Executive Summary

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Risk Management in Agriculture: a Holistic Conceptual Framework

-A holistic framework for the analysis of agricultural risk management systems-Sources of risk

-Risk management instruments and strategies

-The potential role of government

-A template to apply the holistic approach

Annex 2A. Framing the economic analysis of risk

-Annex 2B. Price volatility and price stabilization

Chapter 3. An Overview of Risk-Related Policy Measures

-Which policy measures have a direct risk dimension?

-Risk-related policies in the PSE

-Risk-related policies in WTO notifications on domestic support commitments

-Other risk-related policies

Chapter 4. An Assessment of Risk Exposure in Agriculture Based on a Review of the Literature-What is risk?

-Estimation of variability in price, yield and off-farm income

-Cause of variability in agriculture-Producer risk perceptions and preferences

-Lessons learned on the magnitude and causal factors of agricultural risks.

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