17 May 2010

download : The Kitchen (Living Concepts)

Publisher: Birkhäuser Architecture 2001

160 Pages
ISBN: 3764372818
57 MB
The kitchen is regaining its role as the central living space in home life. Since the 1990s the kitchen has moved into the fashion and design spotlight, and this publication now examines and reviews its significance in an architectural, cultural, social and economical context. The authors and contributors look at important developments and revolutionary kitchen concepts of the last decades including standardized kitchens and open kitchen living spaces; they also review design basics, current trends, the changing demands posed by patch-work families or single person households. Even culinary aspects are included. This is a book which should certainly have its place in every 21st century kitchen. Our new book series "Living concepts" presents clearly and concisely selected topics relating to aspects of the home. It is aimed at general readers as well as specialists, and edited by the ETH Wohnforum Zurich.

About the Author

Klaus Spechtenhauser, geboren 1969, lic. phil. I, Kunsthistoriker und Slavist. Seit 2002 wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am ETH Wohnforum, 2002–2007 Assistent bei Prof. Arthur Rüegg am Departement Architektur der ETH Zürich.

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