30 May 2010

download : A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge

Project Management Institute
ISBN: 1933890517
459 pages
31 MB

This Book can be usefull for all Industrial Engineers and Managers !

Besides all the criticism, I find this book very useful and a must for every project manager. However, if you are a beginner to the discipline of proejct management, first go through a basic book on project management such as 90 Days to Success as a Project Manager;the only book (for now) that is compatible with this (4th) edition of the PMBOK Guide. I am asking my students to read this book (40 days...) before reading the PMBOK Guide and after reading the PMBOK Guide. It is a well known fact that Standards in any field tend to be dry. Otherwise with the help of other books such as the one mentioned above, it can be a great entry into the discipline of project management.

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