22 February 2010

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If You want to become a Pro user of Matlab, this ebook can be your first and best option !

‘I use the Higham brothers' MATLAB Guide as a reference for myself and my students in all my applied mathematics and computational science courses. The clarity and usefulness of their writing are major attractions for using their books. Consequently, I look forward to the very much improved second edition, as if that were possible for a much admired book. In particular, the new chapter on case studies looks quite interesting with its useful applications. In addition, new treatments of new functions and features like nested functions, ODE as well as DDE functions will be of great interest.’ Floyd B. Hanson, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago

‘MATLAB Guide is an excellent reference book for MATLAB programming. This new version of MATLAB Guide contains material on important changes introduced in MATLAB 7, including single precision arithmetic and anonymous and nested functions. The new edition also contains many more examples; readers will have the advantage of learning MATLAB by essentially looking over the shoulder of two experts. This is a book that all users, new and experienced, will find valuable.’ James Nagy, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory University

‘MATLAB Guide, Second Edition, is my new favorite MATLAB reference because it not only teaches MATLAB, it fosters a love for all things related to scientific computation. This well-written book features top notch examples, the latest MATLAB features, and offers MATLAB insights that can't be found anywhere else!’ Steven H. Frankel, Purdue University

‘The second edition of the Higham brothers' MATLAB Guide is both timely and consistent with their record for careful work. New features from MATLAB versions 13 and 14, such as name completion, anonymous and nested functions, and logical variables are described in the new edition. Appendices have been changed and reorganized to update resource and "help" directory structures …There are many new MATLAB functions, such as a fully implicit ODE integrator (ode15i) and a facility for delay differential equations (dde23). Examples have been added to the guide to illustrate these new functions. The authors have done much more than was required for a second edition, but wisely preserved the sometimes delightful examples in the first. Admittedly, their stated objective of providing a ‘compact’ reference for MATLAB has been pushed a bit by adding 100 new pages. However, edition two represents a careful update of the best MATLAB guide available.’ W. Petersen, Seminar for Applied Mathematics, ETH Zurich --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.
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