22 July 2011

download: MacBook For Dummies

Got a new MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro? Want the scoop on Mac laptop basics, using Mac OS X Leopard, networking a laptop, or connecting your laptop to wireless devices? There’s no better place to find what you need than MacBook For Dummies, 2nd Edition!

With your Mac laptop, you can take your movies, music, documents, e-mail, and Internet wherever the action is. MacBook For Dummies, 2nd Edition provides the lowdown on maintaining and upgrading your MacBook, customizing the Dock and desktop, traveling with a laptop, turning iPhoto into your portable darkroom, and much more. Learn to:
Locate the battery compartment, iSight camera, ports, and “on” button
Move your existing files from an older computer
Use all the cool new features of Mac OS X Leopard
Have more fun and get more done with your MacBook — here's how to claim your freedom!
Chained to a desktop computer? Not you! You want to take your movies, music, documents, and Internet wherever the action is. This handy guide gets you up and running, and even walks you through Mac OS® X Leopard®, common upgrades, and troubleshooting.
Fall in love with Leopard — get familiar with the latest Mac operating system and learn to use all its features
Explore the iLife — learn to use iTunes®, iMovie®, iPhoto®, iDVD®, and GarageBand®, all packaged with your MacBook
Make the switch from a PC to a Mac — learn how to move your existing files and how you can still run Windows on your MacBook
Back up your MacBook — discover how to use Time Machine and iDisk storage to keep your files safe
Be cool with Bluetooth — get your wireless devices communicating with your MacBook
Maintain your Mac — find out how to keep your laptop updated and running smoothly
Open the book and find:
Full coverage of all three MacBook models
How to migrate files from another Mac or PC
Tips for conserving battery power
Advice on customizing your preferences for productivity
Maintenance and troubleshooting solutions for your MacBook
Steps for networking your Macs
Secrets for customizing Leopard
Explanations for managing your digital music, photos, and movies


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