05 February 2011

download: Food, Nutrition and Wellness


ISBN: 0078806631
579 pages
72,4 MB
What do you think ? Is there any correlation between, food you eat and your health ? obviously these is ! Then this book will really help you !
Food, Nutrition & Wellness is a secondary level textbook which reflects current perspectives for food and nutrition. It builds on the concept that a solid food and nutrition education not only includes teaching teens how to make good food choices, how to shop wisely, and how to store, prepare, and serve healthful meals. It also integrates the most current science-based nutrition and active living principles and guidelines throughout its chapters. Among the unique and important aspects of this book: food and nutrition content integrated with academic skills.

Food and nutrition content:

- Focuses on nutrition basics, food prep, and kitchen basics (with a strong focus on safety and sanitation)

- Includes topics such as

- Dietary Guidelines and MyPyramid

- healthy weight from a teen perspective

- food safety issues

- issues that matter to many teens such as eating for athletics, being a vegetarian, and fast food

- the value of togetherness at the dinner table

- doable ways to eat smart without sacrificing fun things like dessert and after-school snacks
- Based on the latest nutrition science and research
- Written in accessible style with many learning activities to provide applications, practice, and student involvement
- Offers recipes for both All-American favorites and international dishes
- Illustrates food prep process, step-by-step, how-to features

Academic focus:

- Provides point-of-use academic integration (math, science, and English language arts)
- Supports project-based learning with unit-long, hands-on applications

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